Tech Into Nashville

There are more tech jobs in
Nashville than people to fill them.


A tech sector that was already growing is being supercharged by an impressive list of big tech and tech-enabled companies choosing to make Nashville home. And because technology is essential to just about every organization today, the jobs requiring highly skilled tech talent aren't just in tech companies, but throughout our economy. We're doing a great job growing our own talent, but it's just not enough to meet the demand.

We need an infusion of tech talent. Now.

Fortunately, this challenge comes at a time of amazing opportunity for Nashville. Our national reputation has never been better - particularly as a destination for young professionals, many of whom are ready to invest in a home, which is next to impossible in the cities where tech talent is concentrated. Plus, companies and employees are realizing they can work and do business from virtually anywhere, so relocating to an exciting, affordable, tech-smart community like ours makes perfect sense.

Introducing TechIntoNashville.

With your help, the Greater Nashville Technology Council is launching a national marketing and recruitment campaign - TechIntoNashville - to attract the most qualified and sought-after tech workers.

Based on significant research, the multi-channel campaign integrates several marketing tactics to best reach clearly defined personas. We are focusing this effort on six U.S. cities with the greatest number of tech workers, where migration patterns to Nashville are already established and where the cost of living is motivating young tech workers to seek better options.

Does your Nashville/Middle Tennessee Company need access to high quality tech talent? Here are three ways to be part of TechIntoNashville: