What are your core company values?

Go fast. Team wins matter most. Generous with credit. Stingy with blame. Criticism flows up. Not sideways. A-players deserve to work with A-players. Integrity over winning. Inclusive and apolitical.

Describe your workplace vibe.

Business casual.

What do you like best about your Tennessee office location?

Close to the freeway for quicker commutes, variety of restaurants and local vibe.

What’s the most Nashville thing about your company?

We are located in a renovated, historic music publishing company - the Rose-Acuff Building.

What’s the most exciting thing about being part of the Nashville tech industry?

We are excited to see it grow beyond health tech to other industries. It shows off the entrepreneurial spirit of Music City manifesting through a different outlet.

How do you foster creativity, collaboration, and inclusion?

Freedom to make mistakes. Ideas are welcome. You will be stretched and given a lot of responsibility. But you will also learn a lot from a very experienced executive team.

Describe your company's impact on the Nashville tech scene. How are you fostering its growth?

We are building a company that is growing by leaps and bounds and will be a destination for tech talent of all sorts who want to get involved in the next big thing in Saas.

List any external articles written about your company with links.