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What Four Keywords would best describe your company?

Group Travel, Meetings & Events, Hotel Revenue Management, Meeting Planning

What are your core company values?

Our Vision: That group travel can be arranged by anyone, anywhere. Our Mission: To make group travel simple. Our Values: Risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than other thinks is possible.

What is your company doing to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion?

At Groups360 we strive to create a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace. We believe that it is important to empower our team members with opportunities to have a place and voice on projects and goals in addition to our diversity, equity, and Inclusion training. We also strive to identify and align our teams around structured competencies so that each person has something useful and unique to contribute.

Describe your workplace vibe.

We are a people and purpose focused organization. People spend 1/3 of their life at work so we so strive to make sure there is great work-life balance. Some of the perks we offer are unlimited PTO, access to a free gym, catered meals, company swag, free coffee, community outreach, food truck lunches, seasonal contests and more!

Where are some common places employees be found after work hours (pre-pandemic)?

Common places our team members can be found after work include local restaurants, at home with their families or networking throughout Nashville.

What do you like best about your Tennessee office location?

The area has become the epicenter of Brentwood business, drawing crowds of all kinds, but it still retains a balance between business offices and open spaces. The peaceful setting and proximity to schools, parks and subdivisions only add to the area's appeal. No matter what you're looking for when coming to Brentwood, chances are you'll find it in Maryland Farms. It offers an abundance of activities, from classes at small dance studios, paved walking and biking paths, and everything from Chinese and authentic Mediterranean to sushi and delis.

What’s the most Nashville thing about your company?

Each of our meeting spaces are named after famous Nashville music venues like Exit/In, The Basement, Mercy Lounge, The Ryman and more.

What are some popular spots for team outings?

Music City Indoor Karting, Downtown Sporting Club, Double Dogs (Hillsboro Village), and Cinco De Mayo (Brentwood) among other locations.

What’s the most exciting thing about being part of the Nashville tech industry?

The most important thing about being a part of the Nashville tech space is our direct connection to the history and energy for innovation upon which this city was built and has prospered. We’re a high growth international firm now but we are proud to call Nashville “home”.

How do you foster creativity, collaboration, and inclusion?

We strive to create meaningful and tangible opportunities for team member and leaders to engage directly. We are a “flat” organization with few layers by design. The spirit of mutual respect ensures that we treat one another with openness and respect. Promotions and rewards are based upon results whether individually or as teams.

Describe your company's impact on the Nashville tech scene. How are you fostering its growth?

We’ve impacted the Nashville tech scene by attracting investment ($50 million raised in 2019), through innovation with continuous enhancement to our technology solutions for event planners and hoteliers (GroupSync-) and hiring the best talent (our staff has quadrupled even during pandemic).

How have you created a modern structure that meets your employees’ diverse work styles?

We are organized around flexible teams focused product lines, customer needs, or other circumstances so that we remain nimble and responsive in our work. With priorities on communication, clearly defined roles and specific deliverables to work effectively with colleagues and customers locally, nationally and globally.

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