5501 Virginia Way Suite 120 Brentwood TN 37027
total employees

CEO – Brian Waller

COO – Jay Hollomon

company type

What Four Keywords would best describe your company?

Staffing, recruiting, hiring, business consulting

What are your core company values?

Outlaws welcome Fix the problem, not the blame Assume positive intent Stay coachable Be comfortable with healthy conflict Be electable Be proud to wear the jersey Play ‘til the whistle Work hard, stay free Stay team focused Be entrepreneurial

What is your company doing to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Celebrating the individual spirit of people and cultures leads to a deeper, richer understanding of the world around us. And as a global company with local roots, Vaco recognizes the inherent responsibilities to seek out what makes those we serve and our communities unique, and to promote inclusion. Empowering transformation means change must start in our hearts first. Vaco’s commitment to social justice and reform began with the formation of our Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Cabinet (IDEC). Formed in 2020, Vaco’s IDEC promotes the continuous development of an inclusive, diverse, and equitable environment. Vaco’s ongoing empathy-driven initiatives include: • Training programs and reverse mentoring • Diversity hiring, retention, and advancement • Community involvement • Cultural celebrations, inclusion surveys, and other programs

Describe your workplace vibe.

Fun, engaging, interactive

Where are some common places employees be found after work hours (pre-pandemic)?

Bridgestone Arena, Titans games, happy hours around town

What do you like best about your Tennessee office location?

We love the functional and vibrant design of the office. It breeds comfort and collaboration. We also like entertaining clients, candidates, and consultants at our office so our office bar downstairs comes in handy!

What’s the most Nashville thing about your company?

The music constantly jamming out of the speakers throughout the office.

What are some popular spots for team outings?

Nashville Sounds games, Sandbar Nashville, Fifth & Broad

What’s the most exciting thing about being part of the Nashville tech industry?

Watching it take off, helping to facilitate its growth by hiring consultants for key project engagements, and securing full-time tech talent for business in Nashville.

How do you foster creativity, collaboration, and inclusion?

At Vaco, culture is king! We thrive off of all of the unique personalities we have in our own. By encouraging new and fresh ideas, we are able to collaborate and come up with innovative ways to evolve our business. We make sure everyone has a voice.

Describe your company's impact on the Nashville tech scene. How are you fostering its growth?

Vaco plays a direct role in hiring and recruiting tech professionals to Nashville. We have been involved in numerous corporate relocations where we help staff up entire divisions for the company. By building relationships with tech professionals within Nashville and across the nation, we are continuing to build the talent pipeline into the market.

How have you created a modern structure that meets your employees’ diverse work styles?

At Vaco, we encourage everyone to “run their own desks” as they see fit. We don’t have typical rules in place that everyone has to follow. We build up our teammates so they can work the best way that works for them and our clients, candidates, and consultants. We equip our team with all the tools and technology needed to do their job regardless of where they physically are.

List any external articles written about your company with links.

https://www.nashvillepost.com/magazine/summer_2018/the-recruiters-view/article_7ca06844-4dfa-5e34-93a1-d33319d4e453.html https://launchengine.io/vacos-alex-naddell-gives-tips-for-getting-back-into-the-workforce/ https://recruitment.com/process/tips-for-recruiting-tech-talent https://recruitment.com/process/recruiting-during-the-coronavirus https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/c/meet-the-2020-best-places-to-work/12252/vaco.html