120 Brentwood Commons Way Building 4, Suite 500 Brentwood TN 37027
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What are your core company values?

At Trinisys, it is important for our values to align with our core mission. Our company is focused on what we call the 6Hs: happy, healthy, heart, honest, humble, and hardworking. Our team embraces challenges as opportunities with a positive attitude. At Trinisys we believe in working hard but also having a solid work life balance.

What is your company doing to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion?

We strive to foster a culture of respect, innovation, and friendly competition, and we do this through open-door communication, transparency from leadership, encouraging growth and promoting from within. Leadership encourages positive change based on feedback from all employees in the organization. In addition, Trinisys is active in various groups throughout Middle Tennessee to attract and promote diversity initiatives.

Describe your workplace vibe.

Trinisys is a close-knit group of individuals who are known for working hard while having fun. Our vibe is laid back with a focus on delivering the best quality solution to business problems for our clients.

Where are some common places employees be found after work hours (pre-pandemic)?

Cheekwood Estate & Gardens, Hiking at Warner parks or Radnor Lake, Nashville Sounds games, at a happy hour, and in our lobby playing instruments at our monthly jam sessions, etc.

What do you like best about your Tennessee office location?

Our office is located just outside of downtown Nashville. We like it because we are close enough to the city where we can be involved in community events and take part in what Nashville has to offer, but far enough away to avoid the traffic and hustle and bustle that comes with being in a big city.

What’s the most Nashville thing about your company?

Nashville has a tight technology community, and Trinisys is deeply involved in a variety of organizations. We believe that continuing to expand our circle of involvement helps build and foster Nashville’s growth. Also, a lot of team members have a musical background, so pre-pandemic, we would have band jam sessions after work, so the team could play together. All skill levels are welcome!

What are some popular spots for team outings?

Nashville Sounds, Escape rooms, Dave n’ Busters, scavenger hunts downtown, Radnor Lake

What’s the most exciting thing about being part of the Nashville tech industry?

With Nashville being a technology hub, especially for healthcare, it is full of top talent and enterprise organizations. Not only is it exciting that more tech talent is migrating to the Greater Nashville area, but our community is able to collaborate and share data to continue our efforts of developing life-saving advancements, improved patient care, and better outcomes.

How do you foster creativity, collaboration, and inclusion?

Trinisys prides itself on its workplace culture. Our team promotes collaboration, but also gives employees the independence to explore new methods for project completion and encourages them to set goals for themselves. When onboarding, we ensure new employees feel connected with the rest of the team through various one-on-one and group introductions, as well as through team building events. Additionally, Trinisys is supportive of employee’s interests and hobbies and does what it can to help employees grow personally and professionally, whether that be through education programs, networking or interest groups, etc. We believe this helps foster a creative and successful environment.

Describe your company's impact on the Nashville tech scene. How are you fostering its growth?

The Nashville tech community is at an inflection point. Demand is at an all-time high, while supply of qualified technical talent is not sufficient to meet these demands. As a result, Trinisys feels a responsibility to assist in developing a diverse and adequately equipped technical workforce for the future. A few of our commitments include: • Participates annually in the Career Exploration Fair for Technology for Metro Schools • Works with the STEM Program developing children of all age levels and ethnicity • Participates in the MTSU Career Fair annually for graduates – including mock interviews for students • Has job shadowing opportunities for students in the Computer Science program at Overton High School • Offers summer internship opportunities for MTSU, Belmont and Vanderbilt students • Provides leadership and sponsorship support for Women in Technology and NTC • Represents and supports TN HIMSS, Leadership Healthcare, Health Further, Metro Public Schools, Williamson County Schools and TechBridge We firmly believe that supporting the wider Nashville community also strengthens the tech community within it. That’s why we’ve have increased our circle of community involvement to include working with organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, the Center for Living and Learning, the United Way, Grace Works, Youth Villages, My Friend’s House, Students Taking a Right Stand (STARS) and Second Harvest Food Bank.

How have you created a modern structure that meets your employees’ diverse work styles?

Trinisys is cognizant of its team member work styles and makes accommodations for each based on their needs, as we find work/life balance important for our team’s happiness and health. We have found that working closely with each employee and having an open-door style of communication creates a happier more productive environment that enables our team to thrive. In addition, when the pandemic hit, we went to a work from home model, and still allow employees to work from home since many expressed that they feel more productive and have more time in their day to spend with family.