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Green Hills

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What Four Keywords would best describe your company?

Transportation, Delivery, Logistics, Innovation

What are your core company values?

We are responsible. Safety underpins our operations. Our policies and protocols are centered around keeping our customers and our people safe. Through training and preparedness, we strive to reduce risk and prevent injuries and accidents. At the same time, we seek out ways to minimize our footprint and reduce our environmental impact.

What is your company doing to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion?

We champion diversity and inclusion through our actions as individuals and as a team. That means valuing and celebrating all types of differences. This respect extends throughout our team to our customers and into the communities in which we operate.

Describe your workplace vibe.

Our team is fun and collaborative! We are also smart and scrappy. Our team finds ways to be creative and to get things done efficiently, but in the right way. Every day, there are ways that we can improve and make life better for our customers, and our team enjoys doing so.

Where are some common places employees be found after work hours (pre-pandemic)?

At the yoga studio, golf course, Percy Werner Park, Centennial Park, and live music events.

What do you like best about your Tennessee office location?

We're in a co-working space in Nashville! (E-Spaces in Burton Hills, not far from the Green Hills mall). The space is newly built out and has all sorts of multi-use spaces. It's a great way to meet and interact with other small businesses and entrepreneurs too!

What’s the most Nashville thing about your company?

We just moved our HQ to Nashville a few months ago! Our CEO and Co-Founder, Bryan Frist, is from here! Nashville is one of our fastest growing markets!Edley's, Pinewood Social, Downtown Sporting Club!

What are some popular spots for team outings?

Edley's, Pinewood Social, Downtown Sporting Club!

What’s the most exciting thing about being part of the Nashville tech industry?

Nashville is growing. People are really hungry for innovation and proud of all the innovation that is happening in this city. It’s an exciting time to be hiring. Our goal is to hire 100 people over the next few years from tech software engineers, fuel drivers, technicians, and everything in between like operations, marketing, and sales.

How do you foster creativity, collaboration, and inclusion?

Our diversity is one of our greatest strengths. We are building a team with diversity in gender, ethnicity, experience, education, and expertise. We foster DEI values by recruiting talent from various types of organizations and through professional development with employee resource groups like Women @ Yoshi (W@Y).

Describe your company's impact on the Nashville tech scene. How are you fostering its growth?

We’ve got about 100 people across the country right now. During the next couple of years, our goal is to hire 100 people for positions across our organization. From software engineers to field technicians. We're expanding the time right here in Nashville.

How have you created a modern structure that meets your employees’ diverse work styles?

We have a hybrid approach to how our team works so that our people have flexibility and are able to best as effective as possible in their roles.

List any external articles written about your company with links.

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